Windows 7 to ship with multiple versions?

Tue, Jan 27, 2009

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Hopefully, for Windows users, the following screenshot isn’t a sign of things to come – namely that, like Vista, there will be multiple versions of Windows 7 for users to choose from.

Assuming this is an accurate representation of things to come, Microsoft is planning on releasing FIVE different versions of Windows 7!  Are you kidding me?!  It seems plainly obvious that such a move would only hurt the chance for Windows 7 to be successful.

If Microsoft advertises features that are only available in the Ultimate version, users will feel that they’re getting ripped off and getting stunted software if they buy the Home Basic edition.  Microsoft may think that this will cause users to pony up their hard-earned cash and splurge for Windows 7 Ultimate, but is that anyway to treat your customers?  It’s akin to how Movie theaters operate.  You can pay 4 bucks for a small coke, or $4.50 for a large 2 liter sized up of coke.  Most people reluctantly purchase the slightly more expensive cup, and then curse the theater for not offering a cheaper and smaller drink.

Granted, there are undoubtedly a number of advanced features in Windows 7 that will only appeal to the enterprise – but if that’s the case, work out a separate deal with the enterprise as opposed to limiting the experience of the average Windows user who doesn’t want to pay the exorbitant price for the Windows 7 Super Ultimate Amazing Heavenly Premium version.


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  1. Duh Says:

    I could have told you they’d do this without the screenshot.

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