Apple rejects “Throw a shoe at George W. Bush” iPhone app

Thu, Feb 5, 2009


Apple recently rejected a Pakistani developers iPhone application that lets users use the iPhone’s accelerometer to hurl a virtual shoe at former President George W. Bush.  If you recall, in the weeks preceding Bush’s tenure as President, he was giving a speech in Iraq when a journalist popped up and threw a shoe at him.  Bush, using his cat like reflexes, was able to duck out of the way, and the subsequent video clip of the incident became extremely popular on the web in the following days.

In the days following “shoegate”, a number of flash games popped up on the web allowing users to live out their fantasies of throwing shoes at political figures.  It was only natural that a developer would eventually try and put a similar application onto the iPhone.  If anything, it’s surprising that its taken this long!  But just like flash itself, don’t expect to see any shoe throwing games on the iPhone anytime soon.  Apple rejected the program in question because it “contains content that ridicules public figures”, something which Apple deemed to be a violation of its TOS.

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  1. dan scanlan Says:

    Ridiculing public figures is an act of freedom of speech, I’d throw a shoe at my Mac it it weren’t so expensive. Must be the Al Gore influence on the Apple Board of Directors. Shame on Apple.

  2. Ghalib Mansoor Says:

    Games based on facts should not be treated like this! It’s a shame.

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