Microsofts new Rookies themed “I’m a PC” ad campaign – what’s the target audience?

Tue, Feb 17, 2009


Ya know those new “I’m a PC” ads from Microsoft that feature young children using Microsoft products?  The commercials are definitely cute, but whether or not they actually work is another story.

Tom Reestman, writing for The Apple Blog, isn’t impressed, and notes that Microsoft is showcasing a demographic (young children) who aren’t yet mature enough to speak for themselves, let alone boldly declare that they are “PC’s”.  He goes on to write:

So now Microsoft has cute kids — using whatever their parents put in front of them — proclaiming they’re a PC. Fine. Maybe it’ll pull in some sales for them. If so, good for them. Personally, I think Microsoft has had to set the bar too low in terms of who their software is supposed to impress. Then again, Microsoft Live Photo Gallery isn’t likely to impress the average iPhoto user, presuming they’re old enough to make a choice.

Interesting point of view, and it raises the point of who is Microsoft exactly trying to advertise to in these commercials – parents of young children?   Or, is Microsoft simply trying to restore some luster and warm fuzzyness to its brand after Vista did a number on its reputation.  Microsoft = cute kids?  I suppose the tie-in can’t hurt, but I don’t know if it will help push any computers.  It certainly is better than the alternative, though..  Microsoft = whatever Apple says in its commercials.



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