‘Doom’ and ‘Quake’ creator discusses iPhone development

Thu, Feb 26, 2009


John Carmack, co-founder of id Software, said in a recent interview with MTV that id has a lot of things cooking on the iPhone development front.  Specifically, Carmack mentioned that id will be releasing an iPhone version of their popular Wolfenstein series in about a month, though he noted that the game wasn’t designed for the iPhone from the bottom up.  

But don’t be dismayed hardcore gamers, because id might have something special up its sleeve.  Last summer, Carmack, who has been quoted as saying that the ‘iPhone is more powerful than a Nintendo DS and PSP combined’, said that id was working on a dedicated iPhone game that would push the graphic capabilities of the iPhone to the limit.  That’s a bold statement, but when the guy who helped code Doom and Quake talks, it’s always a smart move to listen.  That said, don’t expect this graphical tour de force to be available in iTunes anytime soon.  Referencing the above-mentioned game, Carmack noted:  

We have another title, which isn’t announced formally, and we’ve been working with a partner company here locally in Dallas, that is designed from scratch for the iPhone but using some existing id assets on there. And it’s very graphically impressive but we don’t have an official release date for it yet. We’re having various challenges with that development.

In the meantime, Carmack said that id is planning on eventually bringing over its all-star lineup of games to the iPhone, including official versions of both Doom and Quake, though it’ll be interesting to see how those classic first person shooters will be implemented on the buttonless iPhone.

You can check out Carmack’s interview with MTV in its entirety over here.  It’s well worth a read.



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