Pangea Software to develop iPhone and iPod Touch games exclusively

Mon, Mar 16, 2009


Pangea Software, the development house behind popular iPhone games like Cro Mag Rally and Enigmo, has  decided to focus their efforts solely on iPhone and iPod Touch development.  Business Insider reports that at a SXSW conference this weekend, Pangea founder Brian Greenstone explained that their iPhone apps have been selling so well that they will no longer be developing applications for the Mac – a pretty significant step for a company that has developing Apple software for over 2 decades.

And just how good are their iPhone apps doing?  Well, they’ve already netted over $2million in iPhone sales.

Not too shabby.

The iPhone is clearly a bona fide software platform at this point, and until competing app stores can attract a significant number of quality developers, they’re gonna have a hard, if not impossible,  time catching up to the iPhone.  Think about it – 2 years ago it would have sounded insane for any software developer to abandon desktop development and focus solely on mobile software.  The iPhone has made that once crazed notion a reality, and a profitable one at that.

via Business Insider


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