“Any-O-Meter” is hands down app of the month!

Mon, Mar 23, 2009


Now this is the kind of gimmicky and addictively fun app that makes the iTunes App Store oh so great. With the recently released “App-O-Meter” app, users can create their own detection and measuring tests. The app description notes that users will be able to “detect” anything from radiation to bears and even precious metals. The app comes with pre-loaded tests such as “Robot or Human” and a standard “lie detection” test, but this app is really only limited by a users imagination.

Now this is of course a gag app, and the way it works is so simple, yet so genius. If you tilt the iPhone away from your body, the measuring needle moves towards the maximum reading. On the flipside, if you tilt the iPhone towards you, the needle moves towards the lowest possible measuring unit.

As an example of how addicting this app can be, the good folks over at iPhone Savior came up with a “Douche Bag Meter” test. Dare I be so bold as to predict that this app will make a huge splash on the app store? Yes, I dare.

You can check out the app on iTunes over here.


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