Windows Marketplace Ad is a snoozer

Tue, Mar 31, 2009


Microsoft’s new promotional video for the upcoming Windows Marketplace reeks of overproduced, boardroom inspired, convention style advertising.  Here are some of the more humorous tidbits from the video:

“Browse through a myriad of options, and check their ratings with a 5 star system” –  Wow, a 5 star system?!

“Purchase the application and it downloads to your Windows phone” – Awesome, but will it work on my particular phone?

“Downloaded apps are guaranteed to run on your Windows phone model” – The commercial read my mind!

Also, starting at 1:17 in the clip, notice how the video pans out for well over 10 seconds. What the hell is up with that?!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    sorry “fruit” fanaboy… i know you cant bear this… the fruit is all rotten now…. i know u guys jealous with this …. maybe u should find an app of not being jealous on Windows Marketplace…

  2. dwpetersen Says:

    I was wondering since from the above “anonymous” post he mentions getting jealous over an App and I am just wondering what App is he talking about in his dream state. Apple App Store over 25000, Windows Mobile App Store 0. I think competition will help everyone so I’m ready. I wish I could be the first to develop anti-virus software for the Windows Mobile Platform since this will be a growing area of concern. To be fair the biggest concern on the Apple side is pirating of the software so everyone has issues obviously from the above post. Hopefully we can get over these issues and start working together. Lets create more work for the world and start building the future again on ALL platforms and systems.

  3. Ray Says:

    Damn, they really didn’t even try to make it any different than the apple app store. At least come up with a different UI, colors, art, ect.

    Hopefully their developer program will be better than Apple though, because Apple’s really has a lot of issues. MS’s desktop development platform has always been far ahead of Apple’s, hopefully that’s the case for their mobile platform too.

  4. Steve Says:

    Gee… Microsoft following Apple again. What a surprise… I wonder how many times Ballmer will use the work “innovation” when discussing the Microsoft store.

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