Updated iPhone OS 3.0 beta increases number of homescreens to 11

Wed, Apr 1, 2009


Yesterday, Apple seeded an updated version of the iPhone OS 3.0 to developers.  Soon thereafter, the folks over at The Loop Blog discovered that Apple increased the number of possible homescreens from 9 to 11.  Each homescreen holds 16 applications, plus the 4 anchor applications in the dock.  The recent update now changes the possible number of applications a user can have on his or her iPhone up from 148 to 180.

Hot Damn that’s a lot of apps!  I wonder if we’ll now see a competitor to 148apps.com, or maybe they’ll decide to change their name 😉

Anyways, check out a screenshot of what the 11th homescreen page looks like on the iPhone, courtesy of The Loop Blog.



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