Updated iPhone OS causes 148apps to quickly register 180apps domain name

Thu, Apr 2, 2009


This past Tuesday, Apple seeded an updated iPhone OS 3.0 beta to developers. On Wednesday, some sneaky developer reported that the updated beta increased the number of possible homescreens from 9 to 11. With the update, an iPhone can now hold up to 180 applications, up from a previous high of 148.

Enter 148Apps

148Apps is a website devoted to promoting and reviewing the best iPhone applications available. Naturally, its name was derived from what was then the maximum number of iPhone apps a user could install. When news of the iPhone OS update hit the web, blogs joked about 148Apps being forced to change its name. Turns out, they weren’t joking at all.

If you go to 180Apps.Com, you are immediately re-directed to 148Apps.Com. And when was 180Apps registered?

Hot damn! I guess you can’t accuse the 148Apps people of not thinking fast on their feet. This all raises the question of what we might see in the future. 196Apps.com? ∞Apps.com?


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