Report: Apple orders 3.2 and 5 megapixel camera sensors

Fri, Apr 3, 2009

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Since the iPhone first launched, critics and users have often lamented what they deem to be the relatively poor picture quality of the iPhone. The current iPhone camera delivers 2 megapixel quality, and lacks the ability to either zoom or autofocus. Those complaints however, or at least some of them, might soon become a thing of the past given a recent report from DigiTimes which notes that Apple recently secured an order with OmniVision for 3.2 megapixel image sensors to be used in the next version of the iPhone.

Apple is largely rumored to be releasing the next iteration of the iPhone sometime this June, and as reports of upgraded hardware keep rolling in, the next iPhone model keeps looking better and better. Some of the already rumored upgrades for the upcoming iPhone include Video Recording capabilities, new and innovative battery technology, a 32GB model, faster Internet speeds, and of course, the new iPhone OS. Throw in an upgraded camera and the next iPhone is looking extremely attractive.

Interestingly, Apple is also reported have secured an order for 5 megapixel image sensors to be used in a product due to launch later this year. Might this be an iPhone Pro model of some sort?


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  1. David Burns Says:

    I’m guessing the 5MP version is for the hopeful Apple Tablet

  2. Gail Says:

    Load it up. Can’t wait to upgrade my iPhone!

  3. jakeZ Says:

    Most likely both sensors will be for the same phone. The 3.2 for the front facing camera for video calling. Everyone in America will be falling all over themselves talking about how revolutionary it is *sigh* see N95.

  4. Nathan Says:

    Honestly, with lenses so small and optics so crappy, there is little difference in perceived visual quality between any of these cameras regardless of so-called megapixel specifications.

  5. Pete Says:

    I heard from someone (who claims to know someone inside Apple) that Apple is going to announce a hardware-updated iPhone in June along with the new OS 3.0, the new iPhone will feature a 5 megapixel camera as well.

  6. Oscar F. Says:

    Wasn’t the front camera removed in the US model of the N95? What would be revolutionary in the US would be video calling, period. It doesn’t exist on any mobile phone or network.

  7. jakeZ Says:

    @ Oscar F. Nope, the NAM version of the N95 has a front facing camera. For that matter as far as I know all Nokia N Series devices have a front facing camera. The video calling works very well. See youtube for examples.

  8. Rob Says:

    I really hope they go for the 5 MP on all their phones. I also hope they have a camera on the front of the phone for video chat. Maybe that’s what the 3.2 MP is for?!?!

  9. Manishan Says:

    I was waitin 4 dis!….finally

  10. Syntax 86 Says:

    @ Oscar F, i think you’ll find that over hear in the UK there are literally 100’s maybe 1000’s of camera’s with dual camera’s both front facing and rear facing, my first dual camera was way back in 2003 an it worked perfectly then so what ever suspicion your under that there aren’t any phones with dual camera’s and networks that can handle 3G calls I’d like to pleasantly correct your incorrectness. As jakeZ says check the nokia N series as well and the sony ericsson’s ranges, the list is probably as long as my leg never mind my arm.

  11. Obvious Says:

    100’s maybe 1000’s?

    I guess the top 10 manufacturers each has 100 different dual camera models? Or maybe it’s the top 100 manufactures have 10 each?

    Sometimes it’s worth your time to think about things before you make up numbers. I’m fine with bullsh*t, but please try to make it believable.

  12. Nave Says:

    3.2 is fine as long as it gets goddamn autofocus and flash.

    whats the point of a camera without autofocus? slightest movement and a good picture is a blurry pile of shit.

  13. linkstar Says:

    Is no one else more interested in having a camera flash than higher megapixels?

  14. iPheeze Says:

    its not a camera, it’s a phone. Calm down and enjoy the new phone when it comes out.

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