Nastiest iPhone App Yet

Tue, Apr 14, 2009


Attempting to follow in the successful footsteps of other gross-out apps, a new iPhone app attempts to take things to the next level with a focus on skin lesions.

iLeprosy (it feels weird even typing it out) is a new app that lets users take pictures of their friends and digitally apply a wide variety of skin lesions to their faces.  The pic below shows how the app can transform a nice girl to bring home to mom into someone you might want to avoid even looking at, lest you catch whatever she happens to be carrying.

The app description notes that there are “over twenty disgusting images to choose from, all of them created based on some real diseases like meningitis, xanthoma, plague, and of course the all famous leprosy.”

Of course.  I mean what type of app would this be if it didn’t include leprosy?!

The app currently sells for $1.99 and was released just a few days ago, which if you think about it, is a damn shame because it would have been perfect if this app was available on April 1st.  Imagine emailing a snapshot of one of your friends (with a fake herpes wart) to his/her significant other with the subject line, “I thought you should know.  Please be safe.”

It’s funny to think about how iFart, at the time, seemed so outrageous.  This app makes iFart seem pretty tame.  Check out some of the other gross skin conditions you can choose from below.


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  1. Constable Odo Says:

    That is so gross. But a very cool app for the younger set. It will likely get a half-million downloads.

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