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Sat, Apr 18, 2009

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Check out this visual history of every Apple product ever released. In the first 10 years from when Apple was founded, it released 10 different computers models. In the last 10 years, they’ve released 24 different models. Overall, 46 have been desktops while 19 have been portables. During the last 10 years, however, the distribution has been almost equal with 14 desktops and 12 portables.

In the last 7.5 years, Apple has released a whopping 18 different iPod models though the new iPod Shuffle isn’t pictured below..

Click below to see the full picture in its natural resolution.


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  1. Bruce A Says:

    “Photo of every Apple product ever released”

    Not quite. This seems to be major case revisions. There are plenty of models missing. Also missing are the first ADB extended keyboard and that odd purple LCD they sold for a while. I really wish they’d bring back the ADB Mouse II and the Apple Keyboard II (with USB, naturally) because they were the best examples of either device that Apple ever made. I like my Pro Keyboard a lot, but it’s not quite the the same. Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. Brian Says:

    Don’t see the newest ipod shuffle either

  3. newton lover Says:

    You’re missing several Newton models as well.

  4. Segenthaler Warefield Says:

    Nice image but missing quite a few items: intermediate models, keyboards, end even a few displays not included.

  5. Andy Lee Says:

    Doesn’t Apple ship software products now and then?

  6. christian Says:

    im missing some performas…like 6200/6400 and many more procucts

  7. faken Says:


    we would like to use the iPod 1st Generation Icon, which you have used in your Image.
    So, under which license do you distribute this file?


    Sascha Held

  8. hiho Says:

    i pod touch 2g???

  9. MD Says:

    Nice image! Obligatory “missing item” post: Apple’s first three Studio Displays — the first LCD displays from Apple. (A number of other displays before that, too, but the LCD SDs were unique.)

  10. JLS Says:

    Apple produced a digital camera and they marketed several printers as well (those might have been made by another company and then resold as Apple.)
    At the top of the image though they state that it’s meant to show the industrial design evolution at Apple…

  11. Derek K. Miller Says:

    Great job, but there are some significant case designs missing other than those already mentioned, such as the Power Mac 7100, Power Mac G3 Desktop, various beige displays, printers, that massive AI/X server from the ’90s…

    Still, this is a great summary. And just be glad no one’s interested in a complete lineup of Dell or HP machines!

  12. randy Says:

    SE/30? Hellooooo? Best model ever made!

  13. Michelle Steiner Says:

    Missing are the Apple II Plus (although the only external difference between it and the Apple II is a label),
    the ergonomic keyboard,
    the CRT monitor for the Apple IIc (although it is missing from the monitor section, it is shown in the picture of the IIc itself),
    the flat-screen monitor for the IIc,
    all monitors for the Macintosh made before the Studio CRT Display,
    monitors made for Apple II products,
    all Apple printers (Imagewriter series, Stylewriter series, etc.),
    the iPod Shuffle third generation,
    Apple TV,
    Time Capsule.

  14. Grant Says:

    I think I’d like to see an SE/30. They really were the greatest.

    Either way, I’d love a gigantic jpg or PDF with a bit more resolution, so we can print it out at whatever size we can manage.

    And THANKS, what a retrospective!

  15. Hisham Abboud Says:

    Also missing is the original Macintosh 128K keyboard. It’s similar to the one pictured but without the numeric keypad.

  16. anthony Says:

    Same as Grant, I’d love to see the special SE/30, which underneath its SE case, was relatively similar to the IIx.

    Anyway great job! It is very nice to see all those older macs alongside the new ones, especially when you first handled a IIe as a child… It brings back a lot of memories!

  17. Camillo Says:

    And if we want to be precise many products have a common typo, the uppercase letter of the second part of the name. E.g. iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and so on. The correct names are iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod nano and so on.

  18. kevin Says:

    the comments crack me up. all of these self-serious critiques of this terrific little visual archive. the nature of the nitpicky comments reminds me about the culture of apple.

  19. Whit Says:

    Sorry, Kevin, I side with the nit-pickers – you can’t honestly call this a photo of “every Apple product ever released” because there are *tons* of products not represented here. I love this idea but am completely underwhelmed with the execution.

  20. cb Says:

    BTW, for those concerned about what’s missing: The nano-sized print in the upper right, it does state that this represents “most all of Apple’s products.” Just a misleading headline.

    Still a frickin’ cool image.

    Hey, Grant, and anyone else who’d like to PRINT A HIGHER-RESOLUTION image: you can open it in Preview or Photoshop (and probably any other imaging program) and zoom in to see each image at about 3″x3″ — larger than that, the type gets pixellated. So far I haven’t found any way to tell it to print anything else besides the six in the center of the page. Still, if you really want to do this, you can navigate around the page and take probably about 25 screen shots (fewer if you don’t zoom all the way in). I took one and posted it here:

    Printed to jpg in Photoshop Elements, save for web at high resolution (which is actually the middle of 5 settings).


  21. approtech Says:

    …and no-one’s mentioned Apple’s external CD-ROM drives, which helped kickstart the use of optical media on the desktop. I still have the PowerCD drive, which helped introduce the Kodak PhotoCD format.

    Then there’s the more esoteric oddities like the Pippin…

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