Rumor: Next iPhone to support HD?

Tue, Apr 21, 2009

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We’re a little late on this one, but some reports earlier this week suggest that Apple’s next iPhone model will sport an HD screen and will support HD out capabilities.  According to Electronista:

Apple is reported today as phasing out its video cables in what may be a sign of a broader move to HD video-capable iPhone and iPod touch devices. An unnamed source for PhoneNews claims that resellers are being told both the Apple Composite AV and Component AV cables are being scrapped in favor of a single cable pack that, like the Xbox 360’s component cable, has both the component and composite (RCA) cables on a single line and would let users hook up to both HDTV’s and standard-definition sets by purchasing one pack.

An interesting extension of this would be to turn the iPhone or iPod Touch into makeshift Apple TV’s, allowing them to stream content from their computer onto their HDTV, all via WiFi.  We’re not sure how much credence to give this rumor, but it sure is intriguing.


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