Leaked AT&T chart puts the hurt on the Palm Pre

Wed, Apr 22, 2009


The Palm Pre, and perhaps rightfully so, is being hyped as the first true competitor to the iPhone.  In anticipation of the Pre’s release, an internal AT&T talking points memo has leaked which points out some of the Pre’s flaws relative to the iPhone.  The Pre, of course, will be exclusive to Sprint and not available for AT&T subscribers.

Some of the more interesting differences contained in the memo include the fact that the Palm Pre only sports a 3.1 inch screen, which might make a noticeable difference when gaming and watching media content.  The chart below also highlights the iTunes App Store and its 25,000 available apps against Pre’s “unproven app catalog.”  It should be pointed out, though, that early impressions of the WebOS sdk have been resoundingly positive.

One of the more interesting differences between the two phones is how the Pre handles music, a feature which has been strangely absent in the plethora of Pre videos circulating the web over the past few months.  According to the memo below, the Palm Pre does not support automatic syncing of content.  Instead, users must drag and drop their songs, and I imagine other media, manually from their PC.  That could get complicated real quick with a decently sized library of media.

Also, the app store for the Palm Pre will only be accessible via the phone itself.  This lends itself to some usability inconsistencies – i.e Apps will download automatically to your phone, but all other media content must be dragged manually from your desktop to the phone.

There’s still no official word on when the Palm Pre is going to be released.  Some have been whispering May 17th, but as we steadily approach the end of April, that’s beginning to look unlikely.  Whenever the release date happens to be, you can bet a lot more of these charts are going to be popping up all over the place.


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