Why Android has failed to take the world by storm

Thu, Apr 23, 2009


Pardon the above joke, but I thought the following quote was pretty on point regarding Androids inability to live up to its initial hype.  To date, there has only been one phone released running Android, and the one that does, the G1, has had a somewhat mediocre showing.

Is it Android itself or the lack of Android phones that’s resulted in a lukewarm response? “Maybe this highlights the problem of trying to hype an operating system rather than a phone,” said Allen Nogee, In-Stat’s wireless and infrastructure technology analyst.

“As far as I know, Android was the only operating system where they attempted to sell an OS and not a device. I don’t think the results have been very compelling and neither have the reviews of the G1. I think that has been bad for Android.”


Of course, it doesn’t help that T-Mobile’s subscriber base isn’t nearly as large as those of Sprint and AT&T.


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