Does Forbes have an anti-Apple conflict of interest?

Fri, Apr 24, 2009


Forbes recently unearthed a 3 hour deposition of Steve Jobs relating to the Apple backdating scandal he was involved in a few years ago.  Now some are asking if Forbes had any inside help in obtaining those transcripts.  9to5Mac lays out an interesting case in the affirmative:

– Forbes is partially owned by Elevation Partners as of 2006

– Yes, the same Elevation Partners that invested heavily in the Palm Pre

– Elevation Partners includes Fred Anderson (former Apple CFO and Board member – who left Apple amid backdating scandal) who isn’t the biggest SJobs fan. Little known fact: He was the CEO that Jobs replaced because he replaced Gil Amelio temporarily while the Apple Board talked Jobs into coming back.

– Obviously Jon Rubenstein, former Apple exec is part of Elevation partners and now chairman of Palm.

– Daniel “Fake Steve” Lyons wrote his often critical Apple views while at Forbes.  He now works at Newsweek.

The question is: Can Forbes “rescue itself” from being critical of Apple in light of the fact that it is actually under the same umbrella organization as Palm?

If I were an avid Forbes reader, and be less concerned with anti-Apple bias, and more focused on the shoddy tech writing that seems to emanate from their website every time I happen to click on over there.  You’d think a site like Forbes could hire some tech writers who did their homework once in a while!

Valleywag chimes in on the story over here.


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