Nokia’s “Comes with Music” off to a disappointing start

Sat, Apr 25, 2009


DigitalTrends reports:

The mobile industry has been keeping a careful eye on Nokia‘s “Comes with Music” service, which builds the license fees for unlimited music downloading into the cost of a phone…and lets users keep all the music they downloaded once their deal expires. Although the service had been given a frosty reception from mobile operators—who have been busily trying to develop their own revenue streams around downloadable media—the business model is one of the first to try to build license fees for media into the cost of a device itself…and then encourage users to buy a new device once their service expires. Comes with Music isn’t up and running in North America, but Nokia has rolled it out in five European markets, including the United Kingdom.

Apparently Nokia has only managed to sign up around 23,000 subscribers for the service, a number far lower than initial expectations.  DigitalTrends has more on the story over here.



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