The iPhone as a Mouse and Mosquito Repellent

Mon, Apr 27, 2009


The following iPhone apps don’t seem to be well-reviewed, or reviewed at all, but their functionality is pretty unique so we thought we’d give them a casual mention.

The first app is called Fone2Mouse, and it essentially turns your iPhone into a mouse.  It’s wi-fi only, but that’s really besides the point.  I mean, why would you ever want to use your iPhone as a mouse?

The app description is un-intentionally hilarious, and reads in part,

Did you forget to throw your mouse into your computer bag before heading away on business?  Is your current mouse giving you all sorts of grief?

Umm, that would be a ‘no’ on both counts.  And though the mighty mouse can get a bit fudgy at times, I hardly think that replacing it with an iPhone would improve things.

The second app is called Mosquito Repellent and much like the name implies, it emits a variety of frequencies which purportedly work to keep mosquito’s away.  The app has been out for over a week and still has no user reviews, and seeing as I like to keep myself out of mosquito heavy environments, I’ve made the executive decision not to splurge the $0.99 and purchase the app.  For all I know, the app works as advertised, and that would admittedly be pretty cool, but I think that if you’re using an iPhone as mosquito repellent in the first place, then maybe you shouldn’t be outdoors to begin with.

If anyone out there has given Mosquito Repellent a try, please let us know what ya think.  Until then, I’ll just be staring at the apps interesting splash screen.  WARNING: Do not stare directly into the mosquito’s eyes!


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  1. George Says:

    Drat. I’ve been having problems with mice and the headline made it sound as if there was a mouse-repelling app. (Some people claim mice can be driven away by certain sounds as well.)

    A little reordering would have cleared that up. :\

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