Microsoft to release iPhone competitor on Verizon? Cue laugh track!

Wed, Apr 29, 2009

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Wow, Verizon sure is making the rounds the past few days.  First a CDMA iPhone, then an Apple media tablet, and now a Microsoft phone.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft and Verizon are engaged in talks that would see the folks over at Redmond deliver a phone that would, in theory, rival the iPhone.  Could this be Zune deja vu?  Probably not.  I mean, from the looks of Windows 6.5, it has the potential to be a lot worse.

Over the past year and a half, Windows Mobile has largely been lost in the shuffle as competing smartphones like the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm have attracted most of the attention.  In the process, the market share for Windows Mobile has shrunk dramatically, and Microsoft is now desperately trying to play catch-up.

It’s been nearly 2 years since the original iPhone launched, and Microsoft is still playing catchup as Windows Mobile 7 isn’t even scheduled to drop until 2010.  By the time this supposed phone (which is code-named “Pink” by the way) launches, it may very well be too little too late.


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