Destroying a MacBook Air [Video]

Thu, Apr 30, 2009


A guy from Denmark apparently hated his MacBook Air so much he decided to beat the s!@# out of it and utterly destroy it with a knife.  Why all the violence?  Because the Air had a broken hinge.  Unless we’re missing something, this looks to be completely legit.  I wonder if it’ll still fit inside a manilla envelope?

A few days ago we contacted the poster of the video with a few questions (i.e What the hell are you doing?!), and as luck would have it, he responded:

The hinge did not only start to come off. What you may not have noticed in the video is that the screen is resting on a can that stands behind it. The screen couldn’t stay upright without something behind it. I actually used it in that state for a couple of weeks, while desperately trying to get Apple to repair it. But they wouldn’t. I’ve been an apple EVANGELIST for YEARS, and have converted many people into mac-buyers. But this is just too far out.


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  1. JO Says:

    what an idiot ! probably a rich kid that never worked in his whole life….

  2. j Says:

    What a dimwit! I thought it was kind of funny how I could read exactly what he wrote on beautifully displayed screen on the laptop he destroyed and I could hardly read from the second laptops screen that was a flicker monster compared to the first one.

  3. no_name Says:

    I think this guy calls IBM and get his ibm laptop for free if he is killing a macbook Air with video to prove it and show it to the internet.

  4. Mathue Says:

    Wow, I wish I had such dough that I could smash a several grand laptop just because of a bad hinge. I guess if his car breaks he smashes it as well??

  5. reason Says:

    Notice the stark degradation in screen performance in the video – the IBM is blotchy and flickers like crazy compaed to the Macbook.

  6. Tomas Says:

    Ohhh my God!! He is swimming in money!!!!!!!!!!!

    But let´s just be honest, the IBM is a rock, but looks like one too!!!

  7. Genius Says:

    Chill guys…he only broke the monitor…probably figured he was gonna replace it anyway cuz of the hinge…although the pounding was a bit unnecessary

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