Microsoft continues to attack Apple on price in latest ad

Fri, May 1, 2009


Microsoft’s latest commercial in its series of “Laptop Hunter” ads features Sheila, a “fillmmaker” looking for a laptop with a fast processor, a big screen, and something that’s really adept at cutting video.  She’s looking to spend less than $2,000 and claims that she’s “open to any brand.”  Hmm, maybe she’ll pick a Mac this time??  Anyways, let the games begin, and let’s watch as Sheila enters the murky world of Fry’s Electronics.

Following the same script as in previous commercials, Sheila eventually saunters over to the Mac section where she takes a look at a 15in MacBook Pro before she dismisses it for only having 2GB of RAM.  She eventually settles on a HP HDX 16t, a model which Microsoft touts as having “enough power to handle moviemaking.”

At one point she has the following comical exchange with a salesman:

Sheila: Is this graphics card going to be powerful?

Salesman: Ummhmm

Sheila: Wow

Wow, indeed.

While it would be easy to get into a “Which platform is best for video editing?” discussion, among others, a more compelling question is if these commercials are even effective in the first place.

Consumers have increasingly been migrating over to the Mac from the PC for a number of reasons, yet price is not one of them.  So while these commercials, with their quick cuts and boppy music, are admittedly entertaining, they all fail to adequately address the real reasons users decide to purchase Macs.  Apple doesn’t sell on price, it sells on features, software, design, and ease of use.  If Microsoft wants to prevent users from switching, it needs to compete on the same level, and point out some of the more beneficial features of its own OS relative to Apple’s.

And lastly, if price is already an issue for you, then you don’t need a commercial from Microsoft to sway you away from purchasing a Mac.


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  1. rsmurf Says:

    Am i missing something or has MS in their ads now told me that i can buy a $700 17″ laptop and it has everything i need then why do i need to buy a $1500 17″ laptop that has everything i need and why do i need to buy a $2000 17″ laptop that has everything need?

  2. Huh? Says:

    “why do i need to buy a $2000 17″ laptop that has everything need?” HELL IF I KNOW?!?!?

    MS has it’s head up it’s rear. Anyone doing video editing will get a mac with final cut pro. We tried it (as in my company) on a pc last year. Total waste of time. Moved to the mac. Heaven on earth.

    Apparently Microsoft thinks you need ALL THREE LAPTOPS to do the job of one 17″ Mac Book Pro.

    Lets compare.

    One PC laptop at $700
    One PC laptop at $1500
    One PC laptop at $2000
    equals $4200

    One Mac Book Pro 17″ $2800
    equals $2800

    Getting the job done today: Priceless!

    Written on My company supplied iMac 24″ 2.8.

    I do real work on Mac, I must be one of those cool mac people.

  3. Neil Anderson Says:

    I wonder what software she’s going to use for her filmmaking?

  4. Constable Odo Says:

    She could have gotten this MacBook Pro 15″ for just a little bit more money, $2,129.00:
    It’s got 4GB RAM, the usual AppleCare, runs Leopard and has iMovie HD installed. A 2.53 GHz processor is pretty darn fast for a notebook.

    So just for a little bit more money and if video editing is her line, she could make that difference back in no time at all. In this case I think Microsoft is really grabbing at straws. That $2000 limit is rather pesky but if that’s the price limit, there’s very little chance that Apple can win. I don’t know much about those HPs, but MacBook Pros are fairly solid workhorses, that much I can testify to.

  5. ralph Says:

    Best editng software: Final Cut Pro. Mac only. Have fun with whatever you are using on the PC. Also the Mac has a faster bus and faster memory. It’s lighter and thinner and holds it’s value much better. When you go to sell the PC you will get almost nothing. In 1-2 years the Mac will still bring over $1000

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