Apple responds to Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” ads x3

Tue, May 12, 2009


Apple today unveiled 3 new get a Mac ads, one of which directly takes on Microsoft’s recent ad campaign where it touts the wide variety of choices PC users have in picking out a computer. Overall, the ads are pretty solid. The last trio of “Get a Mac” ads seemed a bit tired, and almost played out, but these ones definitely spruce things up.

The following ad is called “Elimination”, and is a direct response to Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” campaign.

The next ad is called “Customer Care” and points out the difficulties PC users have in receiving customer care compared to the “Genius” customer experience Apple offers its customers. I think this is a great commercial because 1) it gives Hodgman an opportunity to be more animated and 2) it really captures the frustration involved with trying to get anything resolved with a phone call to a tech company (I’m looking at you AT&T!)

The last ad is called “PC Choice Chat” and involves the PC running a radio show where he helps callers find the right PC for them. This ad is also pretty good, if only for the cliche and comical sound effects.


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  1. John Dingler Says:

    Apple hit another home run with these hilarious three. I am relieved that Chiat-Day was not trapped by MS into being goaded to respond in a way that might have make Apple look defensive. Instead, big MS continues to look desperate by virture of the fact that it fell into Apple’s trap, and now feels it needs to respond to its small competitor.

    Apple/Chiat-Day continues to remain on the high-road, no-insult, pro-Mac trajectory.

  2. Ted Landry Says:

    These aren’t any “response” to the now known as the “bribe commercials” MS has been running… but a continuation of the comical truth about Windows based PCs. Please correct the article title.

  3. John Says:

    The customer care one is great. I have so been there. “They told me to call you.” How many times have you been in that position?

  4. Bob Says:

    I’m confused. Doesn’t a Mac now run bootcamp, which allows the user to boot into Windows? Arn’t Macs now Intel based? The reason I am confused is because millions of people around the world seem to be missing the point. Apple just make computers and have an OS that is specific to them. Microsoft just make software. And I also don’t understand all this virus business. Apple Macs can get viruses, that’s why they have Norton AntiVirus for the Mac. Why doesn’t Apple just make make it’s OS available for “other” computers other than the ones made by them? Then things would get interesting. Anyone thinking about buying a Mac, I would suggest googling “efix USB” for a cost effective and simple solution without the Apple tax.

  5. David Says:


    Norton AntiVirus for Mac exists to make money from people who don’t know any better.

    Apple makes computers that just happen to have great software on them. They make their money on the hardware not the software. They would go broke in a couple of years if they stopped selling hardware and simply tried to sell OS X and their other software for PCs.

    So if everyone follows your advice and buys an efix device, Apple will cease to exist. That helps us all how?

  6. DLC Says:


    David is right.. the only virus a “Mac” can get is from loading Windows !
    The Apple ads are “spot on” … No hassles or viruses, and true customer support from the Genius bar – just walk in (you can even make an appointment on-line, and show up). The true “cost” of a computer is NOT just what you pay to take it home. What does it “Cost” you in $, time, and headaches afterwards? That’s why it’s unfair to compare the store price of a Windows PC and an Apple at purchase… with Apple you’re >95% done ! With Windows… you’re just beginning ! Too many people are short-sighted and pay more later…
    Lastly, Apple backs their product to the MAX – that’s why Apple refurbished Macs are as good as New… only 15-30% cheaper !! Same warranty… I’ve bought 4 or 5 Apple refurbished products- only had to return 1 and Apple made it good… walked out with a brand new one !!

  7. Neil Anderson Says:


    At this time, virus software for the Mac causes more headaches than it solves.

    Apple is a hardware company. The included software — often best in class — is just a bonus.

  8. dizzle Says:


    >>Apple Macs can get viruses, that’s why they have Norton AntiVirus for the Mac.

    And you too can have a portion of this ten millions dollar I have in Nigeria. It must exist, that is why I have this post.


    PS: While I was a PC user I would take a virus before installing Norton crap on my machine. Norton does do the impossible, make Windows even worse.

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