Another “Laptop Hunter” ad from Microsoft attacks Apple on price

Fri, May 15, 2009


Is it just me, or are these commercials getting a bit repetitive. 

Meet abc, they want a computer for less than x amount.  We told them, ‘you find it, we buy it.‘” Then cut to them looking at a Mac before making a dismissive comment about the price.  Rinse and repeat.

This commercial might be the most ridiculous of them all, though.  With a price ceiling of $1700, the young lady named Lauren looks at a $2000 MacBook Pro as the mom asks “Why would you pay twice the price?”

Umm.. why would you be looking at a MacBook Pro instead of a regular MacBook?  Laruen is going to law school, not film school.

Check out the commercial below.


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  1. Actual law school student Says:

    I go to law school….Macbook would work just fine, Pro not necessary. In fact, Macbook is the most common laptop you see at law school.

  2. Scott Says:

    “I’m a pc, and I got exactly what I wanted”

    “She usually does”


  3. Neil Anderson Says:

    She should have got the pink one to match her nails.

  4. tz Says:

    I am almost cheering MS on here. I do not want Apple to ever go over 20% market share. I like having them be the premium line that they are.
    I’d gladly pay $300-$500 more for an elite, out of the mainstream product. I know, sorry, but here goes the well worn car analagy. You buy a Lexus, you get a premium product and in most dealer’s cases, premium service as well. I cannot afford a Lexus car, but I can easily afford the (more imagined than actual) premium for the Lexus of computer software and hardware, Apple products.
    I am convinced that the open source Unix foundation is inherently mnore secure, but I am not one to discount the possibility that obscurity is a factor in Apple’s security.
    If Apple gets too big and too mainstream, it will ruin them.

    Another note, so the Dell has 2.4 processor and the MacBook has a 2.0, but, OSX is so much more streamlined than Vist, that the 2.0 may be more “equivalent” to the Dell’s 2.4 than people realize.

  5. M!M!C Says:

    @ tz

    I’ve have been saying that myself for quite some time.

    I also think it funny that anyone would doubt the fact of finding a cheep pc. However, EVERY TIME I show what my Mac can do out of the box compared to a pee cee, the onlookers always say, yeah, but you paid like $4000 for that right. Um, no, just $1700 for the iMac and $2000 for a Macbook Pro (my new iMac is $2000). I have so many programs running at the same time (all of CS4 loaded most of the time), and bounce between them with such ease, while they watch a pee cee user fumble around trying to get the most basic tasks accomplished; price is all but laughable.

    That being said, I always tell onlookers that if you just surf the web and check email, you can easily get by with any dud, er, Dell and NOD32. But there is NO comparison with a Mac when it comes to multitasking or ease of use, or functionality right out of the box. The only two things you can not do right out of the box is make graphics or office type work. You have to buy iWork (or Office for Mac) to do the latter, and PS (elements) for creating graphics.

    I am very happy Macs are niche computers, and equally happy to pay for esthetics of hardware, software, and the genius of the systemic nature between them.

  6. Joe Anonymous Says:

    I wonder what Microsoft’s point is. They must like being associated with cheap garbage systems that fail out of the box.

    The funny part is that the most expensive component on many of those systems is the OS.

    I’m a huge Mac advocate, but I’ll willingly concede that it’s possible to buy a cheaper computer with Windows – especially when you completely ignore the low end Mac systems. So what? Does BMW care that it’s possible to buy a cheaper car?

    Maybe Microsoft should take note of the endless surveys done by countless magazines which consistently show that Macs are more reliable, less trouble-prone and have higher customer satisfaction than any PC brand.

    Maybe they should change their slogan. “Sure, we’re prone to viruses, endless problems, and you’ll spend a fortune on tech support while never getting your system to work the way you want. But at least we’re cheap at first”.

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