Old Apple ad captures the swinging lifestyle of the 70’s

Wed, May 20, 2009

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Apple advertising sure has come a long way.  Long before Justin Long and the infamous dancing iPod silhouettes, there was a naked guy just hanging out in the jungle, equipped with only an Apple II to hide his shame.  The following ad is from 1980, and interestingly enough, we called the 800 number listed below, and after 29 years, it still directs you to Apple.

Ironically, an iPhone app with a photo similar to the one below would probably be rejected from the app store on account of “nudity.”


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Ravi Says:

    I would like to read what the winners wrote.

  2. Mike Landy Says:

    That’s a fairly rare Ad… but typical Apple… funny that the phone number still kinda works, also very “Apple”. I bet they still have that building on Bandley Drive, Apple has certainly grown… but not changed from its roots.

  3. fredders Says:

    haha, and the use of the Apple symbol, – erected ofcourse. 😉

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