Capcom planning to release at least 10 more iPhone titles in the coming months

Fri, May 22, 2009


Capcom is planning on releasing at least 10 more titles for the iPhone in the next 10 months, according to a speech made by Capcom’s CFO Kazuhiko Abe at the Reuters Global Technology Summit in Tokyo this week.  Capcom, of course, is responsible for developing the all-time greatest Arcade game in history, Street Fighter II (and all of its subsequent offshoots).

The iPhone App Store continues to grow in popularity, and standing at the forefront are games.  Abe noted that the iPhone release of “Resident Evil 5” is on pace to reach 1 million downloads in the current financial year, besting initial company estimates of 800,000 downloads.  With that kind of “juice”, it’s no wonder that Capcom is planning to devote even more resources towards iPhone development.

All the big boys in game development are increasingly getting on board the iPhone bandwagon.  Gameloft, EA, Konami, and now Capcom are all in the mix, and the scary thing is that we’ve probably just scratched the surface of what gaming on the iPhone will be like.  With significant hardware upgrades for the iPhone expected to be announced at this years WWDC, developers will have all the more reason to push gaming on the iPhone to the next level.

via Reuters


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