Fifth Avenue Apple Store rakes in the dough to the tune of $440 Million a year

Tue, Jun 2, 2009


In an article otherwise focused on the competition for retail space on New York’s famed 5th avenue, the New York Post dropped an interesting tidbit showing just how successful and profitable the Cubed shape Apple Store on 5th avenue has been for Apple.

Before the GM Building was sold to a Boston Properties partnership last year, a prospectus shown to possible purchasers revealed the Apple store under the famous glass cube was doing an incredible $440 million a year. By comparison, sources said, Apple’s outpost at Prince and Greene streets does $100 million. (The uptown Apple is larger, but not by much — it has an estimated 10,000 square feet of selling space compared with 8,500 feet in SoHo.)

So the lesson here is quite simple –  An Apple Cube computer will never sell, but a cubed shaped Apple Store is where the money’s at.  Good to know.

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