A hilariously clever iPhone app ad [Video]

Thu, Jun 4, 2009


WorldMate is a new iPhone app which provides a ton of features for the travelling man or woman. From checking flight statuses, creating itinerary’s, and dispensing info about weather forecasts and currency exchange rates, this app seems to encapsulate almost every thing you’d ever need or want when you’re on the road. We came across WorldMate by way of a pretty funny and clever advertisement for the app on YouTube. It’s definitely worth checking out.


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  1. pragmat Says:

    Though the company behind it is completely creepy to do business with, this, by which I mean this, is something I’ve had for use on the Palm & PC (The latter build was recently discontinued) for longer than seems possible. It is very handy, it’s true, it’s also not at all cheap and is more a subscription than an application.

  2. Richard Says:

    That was THE coolest video. I LOVE how it makes fun of the stupid apps.

  3. Jared Says:

    Pretty funny.

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