Doom Resurrection Trailer for the iPhone [Video]

Thu, Jun 11, 2009


John Carmack, co-founder of id Software, has had a lot of things cooking on the iPhone development front over the past few months, and up next on the agenda is an iPhone version of the granddaddy of all first person shooters, DOOM Resurrection.

TouchArcade describes the gameplay:

The gameplay itself is best described as an “on rails” experience where the player is moved through the levels automatically while aiming their targeting reticule with the accelerometer and tapping a button to fire. The game also offers a dodging button to avoid enemy fire as well.

The game was co-developed by Dallas based Escalation Studios, and in an interview with the USA Today, Escalation managing director Tom Mustaine talked a little about the development process for Doom Resurrection.

Obviously, we wanted this to look really good and that was achieved early on. We wanted to capture that visceral feel that you get from a traditional Doom experience. We modified the shooting mechanic to be something that no one else has done on the platform yet. We are treading a path for people, I think, on the platform to build other games that have this kind of control dynamic.

Mustaine on re-capturing the vibe of a PC style shoot-em up on the iPhone:

When a fireball is coming at you, it flashes a ‘Dodge’ mechanic and you tap ‘Dodge’ and with the right timing it will move you out of the way. So it still feels like you are getting that moment-to-moment experience. And when guys come and shoot machine guns at you and you have to dodge behind a box and take cover, you tap on ‘Cover’ and you move in and out of cover. So we have got really a distilled experience of a full-on, PC-console gaming experience put onto the iPhone.

Doom Resurrection should be available in the iTunes app store later this month.  Meanwhile, check out a trailer for the game below.


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