Flick Fishing iPhone app reaches 1 million downloads

Mon, Jun 22, 2009


In a press release today, game developer Freeverse announced that their popular iPhone game Flick Fishing had attained its 1 millionth download this past weekend.  Freeverse asserts that Flick Fishing is the first paid app to reach 1 million downloads, but we’re not too sure about that particular claim.  Still, 1 million downloads is no joke and props to Freeverse on the accomplishment and for churning out a fun and addicting game to play.

Flick Fishing, for those not in the know, is a simulated fishing game for the iPhone where users can cast their fishing lines by flicking their fingers, all in the hopes of catching pesky and elusive fish.  It might not sound terribly exciting, but the implementation is great and the game is surprisingly fun and addicting.  And at $0.99, its definitely worth checking out on iTunes.

In its press release, Freeverse touted some of the games new features that are now available with the advent of iPhone OS 3.0:

The iPhone OS 3.0 update issued last week for Flick Fishing allows peer-to-peer networking for players to compare their catches while competing in a blackjack style fishing contest. In addition, in-app purchases of a new fishing location and new fish have been made by nearly 10 percent of users since the OS 3.0 update was issued.

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