Palm Pre takes on the iPhone in new ad

Fri, Jun 26, 2009


That Palm Pre sure does look comfortable leaning up against that eaten apple.  If I were in a high school English class, I suppose I’d write that the image symbolizes the fact if it weren’t for Apple, the Pre would collapse out of existence.

It’s a decent ad, but I sincerely doubt it will sway an first-gen iPhone owners to make the leap to Sprint, especially now that you can get a $99 8GB iPhone for $100 less than a Palm Pre (assuming you actually use Sprint’s mail-in rebate).

Also, while the Pre’s SDK is on schedule to land in developer hands by the end of Summer, what’s the point of advertising the ability to “run multiple applications” if there aren’t really, oh I don’t know, enough applications available to make the feature even worthwhile?

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Örjan Larsson Says:

    That 4G in the ad, are the possible buyer of the Pre aware that 4G as LTE, is not here yet even at carrierlevel network, letalone in mobile phones?

  2. lrd Says:

    iPhone user to Palm: Go eat shit! You cheap piece of crap!

  3. robinson Says:

    Why would anyone buy the $99 iPhone? Spend $100 extra and get the 3GS!

    Same price as Pre but with better features (mostly) and a much better infrastructure of apps, etc.

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