GTA Chinatown Wars coming soon to an iPhone near you

Mon, Aug 31, 2009


Rockstar Games announced today that its Grand Theft Auto series will soon be coming to an iPhone or iPod Touch near you.  Though Rockstar failed to provide a concrete release date, it did note that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be coming soon, and that screenshots of the game are right around the corner.

GTA: Chinatown Wars was initially released as a critically acclaimed Nintendo DS game back in March of 2009,  but sales failed to impress, or at the very least, failed to match its critical praise.  Anyone who’s actually played Chinatown Wars seems to give the game rave reviews, but the gang/violence themed GTA series just might have fallen just outside the interests of the core Nintendo DS demographic.

In any event, Rockstar is now poised to release Chinatown wars on both the PSP and the iPhone, and  it’ll be interesting to see how Rockstar decides to implement the control scheme on the button-less iPhone.  Anyone who’s ever played a Grand Theft Auto title knows that there’s a lot going on and that the games are very control intensive.

That said, every Rockstar game we’ve ever played has been rock solid and tons of fun, and we’re pretty confident Rockstar will be able to deliver the goods on its first iPhone title.  Also, anyone familiar with Rockstar knows that they’ve got quite the sense of humor, and a few months back, we pointed out how their GTA IV: Liberty City title contained a number of screenshots which poked some fun at Apple users and the iPhone as well.

Note the tagline on this “iFruit Phone”, which reads:

No Buttons. No Reception. No Storage Capacity. All Ego.

Funny shit, and we can’t wait to see what sorta easter eggs Rockstar leaves laying around in Chinatown Wars.



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