“Flight Control” for the iPhone nets over 1.5 million downloads in less than 6 months

Fri, Sep 11, 2009


The popularity of the “Flight Control” app for the iPhone and iPod Touch has really taken off since its release last April.  Bad puns aside, the game from the Melbourne, Australia based Firemint development studio has enjoyed almost unparalleled success in a relatively short period of time.  Earlier this week, Firemint announced that their “Flight Control” game had exceeded over 1.5 million downloads.  And with the game coming in at $0.99, that’s a helluva lot of moolah.

Back in July, Firemint CEO Rob Murray explained to ComputerWorld the genesis of his studio’s popular flying game.

I liked the idea of applying a drawing game to something because I like the iPhone’s touch screen interface.  I examined the market and there wasn’t really much out there in terms of air traffic control. We thought that this game was a winner in the sense that people could really love it and get addicted to it, but we didn’t know how it would go.

Ah yes, the untapped market for air traffic control games.  On paper it might not seem all that great, but trust us, once you give this game a whirl, you’ll be hooked – that is, if you aren’t already.  As it stands now, and in case you’re on the fence about purchasing the app, the game currently has a 4-star rating on iTunes with over 20,000 reviews.  So yeah, the people have spoken.


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