Report: Apple to set up iPhone activation centers in Apple Stores

Mon, Sep 14, 2009


MacRumors reports that Apple may begin setting up designated iPhone activation zones within its Apple Stores as early as tomorrow.  The move will reportedly “enhance”, and perhaps hasten, the iPhone purchase experience.

The activation zones will reportedly be staffed by a new category of retail store employee called “iPhone Experts”, who will be denoted by unique name badges and t-shirts. With the move, Apple is clearly looking to streamline the iPhone purchasing experience for customers and provide a dedicated iPhone point of contact within the crowded retail store setting, particularly for new customers whose first experience with Apple products may be the iPhone.

At last, a new colored shirt will join the ranks of the Apple Store employee team.

All kidding aside, this seems to be a pretty logical move for Apple.  Apple Stores tend to border on the chaotic, with throngs of people checking their emails and clamoring to get their hands on an assortment of iPods and Macs.

Some people, though, aren’t familiar with, or frankly, just don’t care about all of the products showcased in an Apple Store.  All they know is that they want an iPhone, and the sooner the better.  Unlike with iPods and other Apple products, no one really purchases an iPhone on a whim as it typically involves either switching carriers and signing up for an expensive data plan which might give some consumers pause.  That being the case, I’d wager that most people coming into an Apple store to purchase an iPhone want to get in and out as quickly as possible.  They’ve already done their homework and aren’t terribly interested in perusing the store and checking out what the Apple TV can do.  All that said, “enhancing” the purchase experience for these consumers seems like a no-brainer.



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