Shoppers in Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” ads had no idea they were filming for Microsoft

Thu, Sep 17, 2009


Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter commercials, which typically take jabs at Macs for being too expensive, often generate a surprising amount of controversy.  Almost immediately after a new commercial hits the air, the Apple blogosphere (ourselves included) has been quick to jump up and point out any factual inconsistencies or even continuity goofs that are readily apparent in each particular ad.  And despite Microsoft’s assertion that the ads are 100% non-scripted, many have written off Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads as being completely staged and disingenuous, an assertion that was only bolstered when it came to light that the star of Microsoft’s first ad, the redheaded chick named Laura, was an actress.

So in order to prove once and for all that the ads are legit, Microsoft recently released a video which gives us a semi behind the scenes look at what went down during filming.  Apparently, all of the individuals in the video believed that they were taking part in a random market survey and had no idea that Microsoft was behind everything until after they had purchased their computer.  Check out the video over here for the full scoop.  And, of course, you’ll need Silverlight to view it.



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  1. kris Says:

    I want to watch the behind the scene but I don’t want to ever install Silverlight, so you or someone need to please convert it to a different format and put it on YouTube. Please!

  2. Jon Says:

    “And, of course, you’ll need Silverlight to view it.”

    Show of hands – how many people clicked the link after reading that?

  3. kris Says:

    Once I read that, I just went to YouTube to see if it’s there. I won’t support Microsoft with their agenda to control the internet.

  4. Darwin Says:

    Microsoft lies. These ads were clearly scripted. It could not be more obvious.

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