Apple unveils 3 new iPhone ads [Video]

Mon, Sep 21, 2009


Yesterday during primetime, Apple unveiled 3 new iPhone ads featuring all new apps, and believe it or not, a new soundtrack to boot.

This one is titled Nature even though it features a wide variety of iPhone apps such as iXpenseIt, Daily Finance, Guitar Toolkit, Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook, iBird Explorer Plus, and the always scrumcious Pizza Hut app.

This one is called Dine and showcases the following apps: Zagat to Go, QuickOffice, TripCase, New York Subway 09, Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List, and Gap Style Mixer.

And last but not least, this iPhone ad is titled Pass and features the following apps: Fandango, G-Park, VocabWiz College Vocabulary, 365 Crosswords, Classics, and ABC Animals.


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  1. Joel Fagin Says:

    Interesting that they’ve abandoned (temporarily?) the “There’s an app for that” line.

  2. Constable Odo Says:

    iPhone haters still contend that out of those 75,000 apps there are only about 10 useful apps. The rest are just duplicated fart and flashlight apps. Apparently, the iPhone/Touch platform is only capable of delivering useless apps from developers. Ask any WinMo, Palm, or Symbian platform user. They all agree that 99.9% of iPhone apps are useless and are all less than equal to the tiny amount of apps that their platforms have. Ask them personally, if you don’t believe me.

    So whether most of the industry believes that apps are what drives iPhone/Touch sales, non-iPhone/Touch users believe otherwise.

  3. Wolfgang Says:

    What’s the background music? Kinda nice.

    Hey, and the for the app basher, I am using a few dozen, regularly, and they do make life easier, and while some are just plain goofy, most are useful and at a low price, affordable. Use the ones customized for your own need, and you’ll quickly see the real value of the iPhone. But those who haven’t used it, have a hard time understanding what it really can do for a person open to exploration. I wouldn’t use any other phone!

  4. jtfc Says:

    Constable Odo:

    what cares what those winmo/palm/bb people think, use whatever you like and no one cares what they are missing, just like they don’t care what iphone users are missing either (e.g. googlevoice)

  5. deviladv Says:

    Re: Constable Odo

    Your critique is why apple has not only rolled out ads like this, but there’s a link in the app store to specifically allow you to browse these apps in the commercials if you want them.

    The 75,000 apps claim is a little misleading because there are a ton of useless apps, and some are apps that are basically copies of themselves, however this is what happens when you have a thriving market place, you have a ton of low end apps, but there are so many apps that rise to the surface and are absolutely outstanding. Many of those apps are what you see here in these ads. And they keep coming up with new great apps to put into the ads just to counter that criticism.

    Critics of the app store variety need to come up with new critiques because the “there are only ten good apps” argument is getting drowned out by all the examples of actual good apps.

  6. iStepchild Says:

    Anyone who uses the word “useless” has forgotten about the extinct CompUSA store we all used to walk thru completely filled with trtuly useless Windows software that cost an arm and a leg compared to most iPhone apps. Keep in mind that 75,000 apps is only 15 months after Apple released their iPhone SDK…compare that, Blackberry prehistoric tacile button feelers! WinMo is a stagnant slow boat to China, just like M$’s stock price.

  7. iStepchild Says:

    Anyone who thinks iPhone apps are useless can simply download iTunes for free, regardless of platform, and browse the 75000 apps..yes, for free. When your mouth hits the floor, your Blackberry and WinMo loyalty will instantly cease to exist after you realize finally what everyone has been talking about.
    There are hundreds of apps that you didn’t even know you needed until you see them. Many are incredible. Sure, there are a few winpy ones. While you are at it, throw away your DS and PSP…the latest generation of iPhone graphics is mesmerizing and the cost of many great games is sooooo much cheaper. Argue with Carmack instead of me about it if you need to know the next platform. Jump ship now or jump ship later…either way, you’ll eventually jump ship.

  8. John Klos Says:

    I don’t get it – why would we want to come to this web page and view crappy video which looks like it’s a fourth generation VHS copy when we can just see a crisp copy on Apple’s site? Why not embed the Quicktimes or at least link to them?

    I never could understand why so many people are fine with Youtube video quality and 128 kbps mp3s…

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