Windows 7 launch party infomercial is the worst Microsoft idea of all time!

Thu, Sep 24, 2009

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In anticipation of the release of Windows 7, Microsoft is attempting to drum up support and excitement by having consumers throw Windows 7 launch parties at their homes.  And because people don’t really know how to throw a party, Microsoft released a video to guide them along the way.  Seriously.

To be honest, when I first saw the video below, I thought it was a joke – maybe the folks at The Onion were up to no good again, I thought.  But the video kept on going and going, and to my astonishment, the cringe worthy infomercial-esque video below is as real as a boat.  I tried to shut it off, but was like a sailor floating by a Siren, I was unable to turn away and had to keep watching.  I was just waiting for Kanye West to pop into the frame and shout, “This is the worst advertisement of all time!”

Check it out below – and you know things get off to a good start when just 20 seconds into the thing, a party goer notes, “In a lot of ways, you’re just throwing a party with Windows 7 as an honored guest.  Sounds easy, and it is.”  A party with a piece of software as an honored guest?  Are you shittin’ me?!

This might honestly be the stupidest thing Microsoft has ever released, and it almost makes their Songsmith commercial seem decent.

I’ll be blunt.  If you throw a Windows 7 launch party, you’re a loser.  And don’t think I’m discriminating here, because I’d think the same thing about anyone who threw a Snow Leopard house party.  It’s lame, through and through.

Luckily, though, Cabel Sasser remixed the above video into a hilarious and slightly filthy spoof.  It’s as hilarious as the original video is atrocious. Check it out below.


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  1. ss Says:


  2. Jonathan Says:

    The only thing they are missing is a token asian person. We have three white women, one of whom is older, the slightly hip 30-something white dude and the token black guy. Pander much?

  3. iphonerulez Says:

    You’re lucky they put in the token black guy at all. Now Microsoft is going to have to chop off the black dude’s head and hands and substitute them with some white parts to show it in Poland or Sweden or wherever in the world blacks don’t exist so as not to offend those people’s sensibilities.

    There are some people that are happy to throw parties for any reason at all. So what if the guest of honor is a piece of software. Somebody might get laid if you get enough mix of men and women together. I wouldn’t consider Windows 7 a turn-on, but the way some of the people over at Engadget were raving and hollering about how great it is, maybe I’m missing something.

  4. MacPredictions Says:

    Hilarious. Every time I think maybe I’m too partisan, and maybe MS aren’t so bad, along comes something like this to remind me otherwise.

  5. Chark Says:

    Look at the clock in the background. It took about 2 hours to make a 6-minute clip. It felt like 2 hours to watch it, too.

    Lame, but typical for MS.

  6. MmmmHmmm Says:

    I guess MS is trying to use Obama’s tactics for promoting the new version of windows – – Get a bunch of “useful idiots” to do the leg work for you. Maybe MS will come out a with a “Organizing for Microsoft” web site. I guess that would make Bill Gates the “Operating System Czar” huh?

  7. Sykes Says:

    I like the first comment that said, “the slightly hip 30-something white dude”. Yeah, that white dude is somewhat chic. He’s got the rimmed glasses, that band of string wrapped around his right wrist and forearm. Yeah, probably thinks he’s all hot shit.

  8. Partners in Grime Says:

    And totally unscripted too, I’m sure. 🙂

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Though I read about this before, I decided to take this whole site with a grain of salt. The Cult of Steve Jobs lives in a bit of a reality distortion bubble where if it’s not dreamed up by their cult leader (Steve Jobs) it must be a fundamentally broken piece of trash, ignoring so many cases where Apple made products that truly did suck balls.

    Yes, this publicity stunt sucked. But it’s not like Apple didn’t pull sucky publicity stunts either.

  10. mac Says:

    well said Anonymous

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