These self-made videos from Apple Stores are getting out of control [Video]

Sun, Oct 4, 2009


Okay, it was kinda cool and novel the first few times around, but the increasing number of self-made videos shot using iSight cameras at Apple Stores is starting to get a bit out of hand.  Take this video, for example.

How in the hell does this already have over 36,000 views in just a few days?!  And is that guy really married to that blonde?  And who is this iJustine woman? What’s she all about?  She’s apparently pretty popular on YouTube but her name only sounds vaguely familiar.  So many questions…

A’ha! Some quick googling has saved the day, and it turns out there’s an iPhone connection to this iJustine chick (real name: Justine Ezarik).

According to Wikipedia, “In August 2007, she created “300-page iPhone bill”, a viral video which quickly became an Internet meme. Stories of unexpected billing issues began to circulate in blogs and the technical press after the Apple iPhone’s heavily advertised and anticipated release, but this video clip brought the voluminous bills to the attention of the mass media.

Ten days after its initial posting, the video had been viewed more than 3 million times on the Internet, and had received international news coverage. The video was later reported to have reached over 8 million total views as of December 2007.”

And here it is – wow, I actually remember seeing this ages ago.  Hot damn.

Apparently her job is that of a “lifecaster”, which seems to entail videotaping and uploading mundane activities from her day to day life.  All it takes is a pretty face, I guess.  Apparently 779,000 Twitter followers can’t be wrong!


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