Expose and Cover Flow multitasking for the iPhone – Concept Videos

Wed, Oct 14, 2009


There have been some discussions lately on how to improve navigating through the iPhone when you have pages upon pages of applications.  I’m of the mind that sifting through apps on the iPhone is pretty simple and straightforward as is, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to check out new ideas.  And on that note, the Swedish design firm Ocean Observations recently released a concept video showcasing what the iPhone would look like if users could enable Expose as a means to quickly jump to a desired iPhone screen without having to swipe through 7 times in succession.

In the demo below, a user with 9 screens worth of iPhone apps quickly activates Expose by tapping the home button, an action which then displays all 9 iPhone screens on the same page.  From there, a user can quickly jump to their desired iPhone screen more efficiently.

Looks pretty slick, but we have to wonder if the iPhone screen is large enough make such a feature worthwhile. From the looks of it, the small size of the screens in iPhone Expose might actually make finding your desired app more time consuming than necessary.

But Ocean Observations doesn’t stop there. They also have a mockup video showcasing what the iPhone would look like if Apple enabled multitasking via a Cover Flow scheme. Now this is something I can definitely get behind. Check out the video below.

Thoughts? Opinions? Reservations?  Please chime in below in the comments and let us know what you think.  Does the iPhone need a UI overhaul to make navigation smoother, or are things fine just the way they are?


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Jon Says:

    I WANT the multi tasking with coverflow. Seriously. Palm Pre is about to launch in the UK and multi tasking is quite a pull. Backgrounder is ok but just doesn’t quite cut it.

  2. Margo Says:

    For organizing apps in springboard, I’d like plain ordinary folders. I could have one folder labeled “News”, another labeled “Utilities”, another labeled “Games”, etc.

    Then we could launch any app with just two touches- touch the folder, then touch the app.

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