Windows 7 promotion on Family Guy is insanely pathetic and atrocious [Video]

Sun, Oct 18, 2009


On November 8th, Fox will air a Windows 7 themed/sponsored episode of Family Guy.  Now what does such an episode entail?  Well, if the clip below is any indication, it means a pathetic attempt at getting a younger viewing audience familiar with some of the features in Windows 7.

As Adam Sandler used to say back when he was on SNL, who are the advertising genius’s who came up with this idea?!

Does anyone really think that this “let’s force Windows 7 down their throats” kind of marketing really works in today’s day and age?  Will this episode of Family Guy really generate any positive buzz for Microsoft’s new OS?  We highly doubt it, and if anything, the episode will generate a ton of fodder for those who love making fun of corporate attempts at “being cool.”

Ars Technica writes on the whole cross promotion:

There will be no commercial ad time, no network promotions, and no commercial breaks—just a 30-minute Windows 7 trailer that somehow attempts to blend the operating system with show content in the style of the old Texaco Star Theater. MacFarlane and Borstein have teamed with Windows advertising agencies Universal McCann and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky to develop, write, and produce the half-hour special that will highlight the comedy duo’s humor with original animation, live-action performances of Family Guy’s most memorable musical numbers, comedy sketches, and surprise celebrity guests.

This type of advertising might have been appropriate when Windows 95 was released, but nowadays, it just seems tacky and desperate.


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  1. Partners in Grime Says:


  2. Two-face Says:

    If Apple had to do this it would be considered genius. If someone else does this then its tacky. One thing I’ve learned from Mac fans – you can’t say anything negative about them and they can’t see anything objectively.

  3. Larry Laffer Says:

    Doesn’t matter. Microsoft backed out. Show was too edgy for Ballmer & Co. Back to Seinfeld I guess.

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