Apple targets Windows 7 with 3 brand new “Get a Mac” ads [Video]

Thu, Oct 22, 2009

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Well that sure didn’t take long.  Apple tonight debuted three new “Get a Mac” ads which directly take on Windows 7, which hit store shelves earlier today.

The first ad is titled “Broken Promises”, and features the PC promising the Mac that Windows 7 won’t have any of the problems that Vista had.  Justin Long, playing the Mac, quips that this sort of promise sounds familiar, and we’re then greeted with a series of flashbacks of the PC (with appropriate attire) making similar promises going all the way back to the early days of Windows.  The ad is great, and not just because we’re fans of throwback 80’s gear.

The next ad is called “Teeter Totter” and features a Windows XP users named Annie who is ready to switch over to a new operating system.  She debates between WIndows 7 and the Mac, but upon realizing that the familiar world of Windows she knows is fraught with headaches and frustration, she decides to make the switch to the Mac.  A solid commercial overall, but nothing too special.

The final commercial is titled “PC News” and features John Hodgman, playing the PC, hosting a PC News television program.  When corresopnding with a reporter located in the midst of a crowd of switchers, the PC is beside himself when he finds out that the crowd is switching to the Mac, and not to Windows 7.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Sunny Guy Says:

    “We are a commercial.” — a classic in self-referential commercials.

    Sunny Guy

  2. myoula Says:
    humiliating demo;-)))

  3. John Dingler Says:

    *LOL* “We ARE a commercial.” Too funny. What a well-timed punch line. Took me completely by surprise which is why it’s effective.

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