Apple fanboy spoofs Verizon’s anti-iPhone commercial [Video]

Wed, Oct 28, 2009

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Round 1: About a week ago, Verizon launched a commercial pointing out all the features that the iPhone doesn’t have but that the upcoming Motorola Droid will have, such as a 5 megapixel camera and “widgets”, whatever that means.  And adding insult to injury, if you want to call it that, Verizon laced their commercial with some hip/indie/pop music that’s been Apple’s bread and butter when it comes to TV commercials.

Round 2: An Apple fan taps Verizon on the shoulder and lets them know that he and other iPhone users aren’t afraid of Motorola’s upcoming Droid, and to drive the point home, he decided to create a spoof of Verizon’s commercial, which itself happens to be a spoof of an Apple commercial.  Get all that?

Check out the video below, titled “iDon’t Care”:

Very well done, with a pretty hilarious and self-deprecating ending.

And in case you were wondering (we were) what song is playing in the above video (which is the same one Verizon uses), it’s called “Magic (Oh Oh Oh)” by MoZella, a female songwriter based outta Detroit.  Sidenote: sort of an ironic name for the artist, Mozella.. maybe there’s a rival artist in town called WebKet??

You can check out Verizon’s original commercial below if you wanna contrast and compare.

AND, if you just can’t get that song out of your head and don’t want to splurge on iTunes, we’ve gone the extra mile and found the music video for Magic, which you can play endlessly on repeat below.


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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Jared Says:

    I hear she’s Fire-fox-y.

  2. James Says:

    That fanboy’s rebuttal says “I don’t buy brands that bash other brand… so what are the ‘I’m a PC’, ‘I’m a Mac’ adverts then?

  3. Al Says:

    James- Agree, Apple fanboys are elitist conformists. they feel like theyre apple garbage is the best there is, for a reason they dont really know.

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