Apple “ad bombing” Windows 7 google searches

Mon, Nov 2, 2009


Apple has apparently made some interesting adword choices as it continues to use the release of Windows 7 as an impetus to convince Windows XP users to switch over to the Mac.

Below are targeted Apple switching text ads which have been popping up when users type in phrases like “download windows 7” and even a basic “Windows 7” query.  Oh Apple, your cheekiness knows no bounds!

Anyone out there have an idea as to how much sponsored ads for popular keywords like “Windows 7” cost?



3 Comments For This Post

  1. drive by Says:

    Why is this not just an example of good marketing?

  2. Brenda Maggany Says:

    This is just common sense. Not only is Apple willing to pay to educate the unwashed but offers them redemption from their pain and ignorance. God bless them for their service to the truly stupid and for offering to raise their IQ.

  3. robinson Says:

    Who pays attention to any of those ads anyway?!

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