EA Mobile announces 5 new games, including NBA Live, for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Mon, Nov 2, 2009


On Monday, EA Mobile announced the arrival of 5 new games for the iPhone, NBA Live, EA Sports FIFA 10, Mystery Mania, Boggle, and Command & Conquer Red Alert.  You can check out the full press release after the break.

“We`re proud of our high quality, diverse line up of games this month, and that
each product brings something new to the App Store,” said Travis Boatman, VP
Worldwide Publishing for EA Mobile. “NBA Live includes complete basketball
league teams and players, and Command & Conquer launches as one off most iconic
real-time strategy games of all time. Both of these franchises are making their
debut on the App Store this month.”


NBA LIVE delivers the most realistic 5-on-5 action available for iPhone and iPod
touch! Tip-off anytime, anywhere, and watch games come to life in vivid 3D – and
even watch replays. It`s fun and intuitive enough for the casual gamer, but also
delivers the authenticity to meet the demands of the most hardcore basketball
fan. Key features include:

* Authentic Teams, Real Stars, True Legends – With real NBA rosters, dominate
the game as Dwight Howard and other NBA All-Stars. Or unlock legends and elevate
a game with true Hall-of-Famers.
* Multiple Modes for Every Kind of NBA Action – Match up all 30 NBA teams in the
82-game Season Mode, play a casual game in Exhibition Mode, or battle all the
way to the Finals in the ultra-intense Playoff Mode.
* Play with Various Controls – Control the game with a virtual analog stick, and
use the accelerometer to accurately shoot free-throws. Use the touch feature to
pick from a number of offensive plays from a clip board or to select a defensive
* Take it to the Rack with Great Sound Effects – Stay in the zone with 15 music
tracks from artists like Matt and Kim, Snoop Dogg and Xzibit, and/or hear
legendary announcer Marv Albert.


The top-selling soccer franchise from EA SPORTS launches for the first time ever
on the iPhone and iPod touch with EA SPORTSFIFA 10. The only fully-licensed
soccer game on the App Store, EA SPORTS FIFA 10 offers a free flowing football
experience that allows the user to pass and shoot at full speed with incredibly
tight movements. Key features include:

* Real Players, Real Teams & Real Leagues – No other soccer game can compete in
terms of authentic rosters of players that mirror those of 2009/2010 teams
across the globe.
* Includes Innovative Be-A-Pro Mode Like Console – Create a unique player and
track his career from the lows of domestic soccer to the potential highs of US
and international competition.
* Tournament and Manager Modes – Kick off with 20 different licensed tournaments
and cup competitions from around the world in Tournament, or play 30 licensed
leagues, real player transfers, manager objectives & squad training with Manager
* Unmatched Passing and Shooting – Short passes, lobs, long passes and through
balls all available through an incredibly simple system of two-button controls.
The responsive shooting system enables the user to shoot from distance with
accuracy as well as take the ball past defenders with a touch of class.
* Different Camera Angles – 6 different camera angles for matches plus the Be A
Pro camera – enabling incredible views during gameplay and stunning realistic
slow motion replays.
* Sound Effects – Full sound effects including audio commentary from renowned UK
premier league pundit Clive Tyldesley.

Mystery Mania

Mystery Mania, the award-winning point-and-click puzzle adventure game, is now
freshly designed for the iPhone and iPod touch! Solve the mysteries of the
mansion and guide confused robot “F8” through a bizarre mansion full of unsolved
riddles. Solve the puzzles and discover F8`s fate. Key features include:

* Solve Multiple Multifaceted Puzzles – Explore 27 rooms full of crazy
conundrums, perilous traps, and intriguing secrets. Plus, meet curiously quirky
characters including F8`s inventor.
* Use Wits to Earn Rewards – Outsmart man-eating plants, guzzle strange potions,
and build ingenious contraptions to crack open F8`s story and earn achievements.

* Oops! What Have We Here? – Enjoy whimsical visuals and cartoon-style sound
effects that accent every success and blunder as the story unfolds.


Test word wits with BOGGLE on the iPhone and iPod touch. Popping with
personality, this pocket-sized version of the classic word-search game packs a
lot of punch! It`s the word-search game that`s addictive fun on-the-run, making
you think (and spell) fast. Key features include:

* Three Ways to Play – Form as many words as possible in 3 minutes and challenge
friends to beat high scores in Challenge Mode. Modify time limits and check out
new features in Advanced Mode or, in Self-Score Mode, players can create their
own rules and score themselves.
* BOGGLE 3.0 is Ready! – Listen and control music from an iTunes Library while
* Match Word Wits – Email friends and challenge them to a word duel – it`ll be
easy to see who has a way with words.
* Take a Bow – Be proud of accomplishments like forming the longest word,
creating the best word, and using the most letter cubes in the shortest amount
of time!
* Intuitive Touch Controls – SHAKE the iPhone to shuffle the 3D letter cubes.
TAP or DRAG the letter cubes to spell the word that WINS!
* Keep it Organized – Track challenges on a virtual notepad and record player
names, scores, and words.

Command & Conquer Red Alert

Welcome Back Comrade! The Cold War is hot again with Command & Conquer Red Alert
for the iPhone and iPod touch. Experience real-time Command & Conquer strategy
action as the Soviet or Ally factions in the palm of your hand. It`s all out war
for the iPhone and iPod touch! Key features include:

* The fate of the world – in your hands! – Drag and scroll to gauge the
battlefield. Pinch-zoom in and out of the action. Select and move units with a
tap. Control multiple units at once!
* Choose Your Favorite Faction – Fight for Soviet domination or battle to
restore peace with the Allies. Deploy military might unique to each side and
engage in different campaign storylines.
* Battle Through 12 Combat Levels – Tackle the single player campaign across 12
maps, or fight in Skirmish Mode on two different battlefield maps with war
squads that players create and control.
* Command and conquer your armies across multiple battlefields! -Command units
in different environmental conditions. Build a base and manage resources with a
new easy-to-use combat system.
* Arm Troops for All Out War – Employ classic units like Kirov Air Ships and new
units like the Paladin Tank. Or R&D new technologies to destroy enemies.

* Free Multiplayer – Download the FREE multiplayer function to go head-to-head
against your opponents via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
* “Empire of the Rising Sun” Expansion Pack – Expand the action with a third
faction with its own story, units, and buildings. Also, get extra elite Soviet
and Ally units for even more battlefield intensity.



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