Apple unveils new retail store on the Upper West Side in NYC

Fri, Nov 13, 2009


Apple today removed the curtain on its upcoming retail store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  You can check out some snaps of the new store courtesy of Gizmodo.

As you can tell from the photos, the actual space occupied by the store is ginormous, with impressively high walls that are conspicuously barren.  Gizmodo observes,

I can’t tell you—and the pictures can’t show you—how utterly open and expansive the room feels. Apple says it has more demo units than any other store in the world. To give you an idea of the space, the walls are 45 feet tall, and could fit 11 Apple 5th Avenue Cubes inside. It’s the spareness that’s breathtaking. It’s cold. Not literally, but the stone walls, the glass, the sheer space rob it of any sense of warmth or feeling. The only sense of life in room is the products. It’s a temple to them, really.

No warmth or feeling? Is that the kind of shopping experience you want?  Or will it work to focus customer attention even more intently on the products themselves?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough, but until then, enjoy these interesting shots.

Echo.. echo.. echo….

And around around we go..

Is it just me, or is there a lot of wasted space here?


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