Sega announces “Super Monkey Ball 2” with improved controls

Mon, Nov 23, 2009


Sega announced last week plans to release Super Monkey Ball 2 just in time for the holidays.  The sequel is of course a follow up to the hyped up original Super Monkey Ball, which as TouchArcade points out, “set the price ceiling for App Store games at $9.99.”

The new version of Super Monkey Ball includes new levels (115 in total), better graphics, and more importantly, improved controls.  Despite a lot of hype and glowing reviews, we found the original Super Monkey Ball to be so uber-sensitive to tilt movement that it rendered the game practically useless, or at the very least, more of a nuisance than an enjoyable gaming experience.  TouchArcade has gotten its hands on a preview copy of the game, and they note that Sega has “made real strides in the controls.”

via TouchArcade



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