Alex Albrecht says pricepoint for rumored Apple tablet is shockingly cheap on recent episode of Diggnation

Wed, Dec 2, 2009

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John Hodgman, who plays the “PC” on those ubiquitous “I’m a Mac” commercials, was a special guest star on the most recent episode of Diggnation, a weekly tech-oriented podcast hosted by Digg founder Kevin Rose and former TechTV host Alex Albrecht.

During the course of the show, Rose asks Hodgman if he knows anything about the rumored Apple tablet and the following exchange took place.

Rose: I just thought of a great question.  Can you tell us about the Apple tablet?

Hodgman: No. I can’t. I don’t know anything about it.

Rose: Nothing at all?

Hodgman: Do you think they tell me?

And just when you think that’s about it, Rose chimes in and points at Albrecht and exclaims, “You know something! You just heard something!

After a bit of prodding to reveal any nugget of info about whatever rumor or news Albrecht heard, Alex finally gives in and says, “I was shocked at how cheap the pricepoint is gonna be.”


Albrecht doesn’t ordinarily seem to know anything about Apple products, even after they’re released, so you gotta take it with a grain of salt that he’s actually privy to some pricing data for Apple’s upcoming mythical tablet.  Still, it’s entirely possible that he might know someone at a marketing firm who’s already seen promotional materials for the device.

Regarding the price point, early speculation has pegged the upcoming tablet at coming in somewhere towards the higher end between an iPod Touch and a MacBook.  That said, many analysts have said that the tablet will come with a $600-$800 price point.  We’ve stated before that that seems kinda high given the rumored specs and functionality of the device.  Think about it – why pay $700 or $800 for a tablet when you can get a full-fledged Macbook for $900?  If Apple wants the tablet to make a splash, it has to make it affordable, say somewhere around $400-$500 at the absolute maximum.  In that price range, it can differentiate itself from the iPod Touch and the low end MacBook.

In any event, take a look at Diggnation clip in question below.


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