Apple even patented the box the iPhone comes in

Wed, Dec 2, 2009


Apple’s products are as much about utility as they are about design, and indeed, for Apple those too considerations are often one and the same.  Apple’s attention to design detail is legendary, and it should therefore come as no surprise that Apple’s focus on design extends beyond the products themselves and includes the packaging of the products themselves.

As Steve Jobs first noted at Macworld 2007, Apple patented the hell out of the iPhone.  And believe it or not, one of those patents actually applies to the actual box the iPhone comes in.  In July of 2009, Apple was granted a patent for the iPhone box.  Included in the list of inventors are Steve Jobs himself along with Apple design guru Jonathan Ive.  All told, 17 designers are given credit for the iPhone box, which just goes to show you how seriously Apple takes every aspect of a shipped product.


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