AT&T drops Verizon lawsuit

Wed, Dec 2, 2009

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In light of its inability to get an injunction to prevent Verizon from running commercials lambasting AT&T’s network, AT&T has decided to drop its lawsuit against the largest mobile carrier in the country.

AppleInsider writes:

In November, AT&T had asked the court to pull what it felt were “misleading” advertisements from Verizon, criticizing AT&T’s nationwide 3G coverage. But a judge later denied that request, noting that though Verizon’s ads could be construed as “sneaky,” they were not misleading. Both parties were originally set to meet in court on Dec. 16 for a second chance to present their case on the proposed injunction.

The legal dispute began when AT&T filed a complaint, noting the company felt that the advertisements suggested to casual TV viewers that its wireless service did not provide coverage in most of the U.S. Parodying Apple’s “There’s an app for that” iPhone commercials, Verizon mocked AT&T with the slogan “There’s a map for that.” While Verizon’s commercials highlighted the strength of its 3G data network, AT&T said customers could be mislead to think the television spot was referring to all voice and data connections.

Frankly, it’s surprising AT&T went to court with this in the first place.


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