I trust Psytar’s Rebel EFI software, don’t you?

Thu, Dec 3, 2009


Psystar was recently on the receiving end of a brutal legal beatdown, and though they’re not selling Mac clones anymore, you can still purchase their Rebel EFI software on their website.  Rebel EFI, in case you haven’t heard of it, is essentially some Psystar written code which purports to let users install retail copies of OS X on generic PC hardware.  Not surprisingly, reviews of the software have been anything but favorable.  And if that’s not enough to make you wary, check out this warning on the Rebel EFI page from Psystar’s website.

So basically Psystar is saying, “Here’s some crappy piece of horribly reviewed software we wrote, and we think you should buy it!  Even though a lot of people are having problems with it, and some can’t even get their computers to boot up, it’s still worth checking out.  But if our software ends up deleting some of your important and irreplaceable data (fingers crossed that it won’t!), please don’t blame us because, remember, we’re the good guys here.  Apple is evil and we’re taking them on!”


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  1. Chanson de Roland Says:

    I’ve got an idea. Why don’t I just take the free download of Rebel EFI and modify it so that it isn’t limited at all in its run-time and function and sell it to others for, say, $10.00 or less, as if it were my own property? I mean isn’t this what Psystar did with OS X? And if it right and just for Psystar to appropriate Apple’s intellectual property for its own profit, then it certainly is right and just for me to appropriate Psystar’s Rebel EFI for my own profit. Stay tuned, for I shall be shortly forming Mystar to sell Benedict Arnold EFI. I project that I will sell 12 million units by Christmas, which Christmas I won’t say.

  2. william Says:

    Chanson!! Well done!

  3. alf Says:

    Psystar: go to hell!

  4. Espen Says:

    From what I heard on this week’s MacBreak weekly, the PsyStar EFI isn’t even Psystar’s property. They took an open-sourced EFI and are now selling it as their own. If true, that’s rather.. Lame

  5. Bensawsome Says:

    Psystar did NOT make 90% of that code. The Hackintosh community did.

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