Watch MacHeads documentary for free online

Thu, Dec 3, 2009


MacHeads is an entertaining and engrossing documentary about Apple’s loyal and rabid fanbase.  The film’s producers summarize the project thusly:

In 1985, Apple aired the commercial Macintosh the Computer for the Rest of Us offering the general public the possibility of using computers in their homes for the first time. MacHEADS follows the story of the Macintosh community and its unconditional devotion to Apple Inc. For them the Mac was not just a machine – it came with a social movement, a whole community which believed they were going to change the world.

And now you can watch the entire film, free of charge, via Hulu.

And if you happen to live in a country that doesn’t permit Hulu streaming, then try checking it out at SnagFilms over here.




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